"Before any kind of construction, we propose solutions adapted to the specifics of each project."

Our company was founded in order to meet the growing needs that arose in the construction sector in Crete. We undertake demanding projects in the industrial and professional sector as well as in the construction of houses.

It emphasizes in the field of safety that starts from the design of the project, continues with the insurance of the works and ends with the repeated tests of correct operation in all the electromechanical parts of the constructions.
Before starting the project, we propose solutions that can reduce operating costs in the medium and long term (maintenance, heating, air conditioning).
These elements gave ΗΛΚΕ important participations in major projects in Crete, reaching today to have significant know-how and experience in all types of constructions.

"We undertake the supervision of projects as well as individual studies"

Smart House

We offer a lot of prototype solutions to make your home “smart”.

Our Team

All our team has significant and proven experience in the construction sector.

Why to choose us;

We emphasize in the quality of construction and the use of new technologies. We follow the evolution in the field of construction. Our own projects – and the fact that you have probably already visited several of them – are the best proof that we are fulfilling what we promise.

Our advantages

We have the ability to implement any project with any budget. Our many years of experience, our cooperation with dozens of specialized professionals, the innovation and the implementation of the projects within the schedules are the cornerstone of our success.

Our vision

Our vision is to build projects that are durable over time, with increased functionality and perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our success

We have participated in some of the biggest projects ever done in Crete. Nevertheless, we consider as our success any project that left a smile of satisfaction on our client. To date, this applies to all of our customers.

Our History

The founders of ΗΛΚΕ are Ilias Lygeros and Manolis Kallergis.

Both have a rich biography on small and large projects throughout Crete. Specifically, Ilias Lygeros started his professional activity in 1987 in one of the first hotels in the area of Malia. Since then he has associated his name with dozens of small and large projects in which he was actively involved in the elaboration of studies and, mainly, in the electromechanical installations.